Technology Trends for a baseline

Three distinct but inter-twined trends permeate any modern industry today, including travel business.

First, connectivity in an interconnected world is central to all discussions in the travel business, followed closely by a debate on user interfaces designed to get products to consumers in obvious and user-friendly ways.

Second, data mining for business-intelligence and for customer-relationship management has been offered as a permanent solution to all problems. Actual implementations seem to be more complex and disjointed than you would expect.

Finally, more attention is being paid to ‘back of the house’ operations – the logistics of making an enterprise work. Discussions on business process optimization, automation and outsourcing are key drivers here. Very little attention is being paid to metrics – putting all relevant measures of success on a dashboard, set targets and then manage against them.

Successful enterprises today have taken all of these trends into account, and are building a future that capitalizes on the most efficient architecture.

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