Worldspan continues to rationalize murky airline ‘fare-rules’

In the recent excitement with Worldspan’s acquisition by Travelport (remember Cendant/Galileo?), a major technology improvement made by Worldspan did not get enough attention. Worldspan has integrated the SITA Automated Rules into its system and eliminated manual loading of rules data from 100+ airlines. This is just another step in making things easier for customers in managing Airline Ticket Changes. Worldspan has already integrated fare and rule data from ATPCO’s Voluntary Changes, Voluntary Cancels, Net Fares, Private Fares and Fare-by-Rule categories. This has made Worldspan the technology leader in the airline ticket repricing process and web-based negotiated fares management process.

I am glad that some one is thinking one step ahead and bringing order to the unnecessarily complex, twilight zone of  fare-rules management. Here is wishing more power to Worldspan in this crusade!

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  1. Yusuf
    July 7, 2009 at 10:22 am

    I have worked with Galileos Apollo Operations and was not really very impressed with the systems capabilities but have now moved on and working with a Travel Agency now and have started working on Amadeus and Worldspan, a lot of people feel that Amadeus is the best tool for booking probably bcoz of its select and click feature and its better availability ;-} but i feel better working on Worldspan and after starting to learn sabre, feel Worldspan is great!!!

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