Going Mobile with Everything!

I have been on my faithful Blackberry for almost two years now. Email, Calendar and Internet were the basic building blocks for being productive while mobile. My project planning and task management was on my laptop strung together among Microsoft Project, MindManager and Microsoft OneNote – with the occassional sync to Blackberry Tasks.

Early last year I installed ToDoMatrix from RexWireless on my Blackberry as a better way to manage Projects and Tasks – with reasonable success. I was still juggling with multiple tools on the laptop and trying to get to a single picture of my commitments and plans.

Then, ToDoMatrix was upgraded a few months ago to ‘7-Dimensions’ that supports Getting Things Done (GTD) Methodology, along with support for a lot of other customizations. After experimenting with a new workflow using ToDoMatrix, I am finally discarding the chain to my laptop. I can now do all my planning and execution on my Blackberry. MindManager will still be a standalone brainstorming tool; Microsoft Project will still schedule and manage Enterprise Projects, and OneNote will still be the prime sketching tool. But they will not hold the one version of truth. The truth is now Mobile and free!