Gamers make the Best Employees

Brent Hutchison John Seely Brown and Douglas Thomas recently wrote on a Harvard Business Review blog about the Gamer Disposition – an attitude and set of traits that are ideal for today’s employees. He writes that

Today’s multiplayer online games are large, complex, constantly evolving social systems. Their perpetual newness is what makes them enticing to players.

The gamers have bottom-line orientation, understand the power of diversity, thrive on change, see learning as fun and pride themselves on discovering radical and innovative solutions. All these together are the perfect buzzwords for a resume or a cover-letter that I want to receive for everyone on my team. In this age of accelerating change, we cannot afford static structures and certainly no team that cannot be nimble and quick at the draw.

After establishing that Gamers have the best traits for being the best employee today, it will be interesting to ponder why that might be so. Interactive games provide a compressed timeline, a clear goal but unstructured and unknown environment – requiring rapid learning, environment scan, evaluation of options and decision making…in order to get rewarded by immediate feedback and hopefully a promotion to the next level!

Looks like getting Gamers to be employees is a great idea, but be prepared to create a challenging and exciting environment for them…or watch them switch to another game.

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