Tales from Two Worlds – On the Same Planet

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) holds back a passenger carrying the new MacBook Air laptop….not able to believe that it has ‘no hard-drive’.

A Freshman trying to use Facebook for homework study group is facing expulsion.

All these students are scared ….about using Facebook to talk about schoolwork, when actually it’s no different than any study group working together on homework in a library….students argue Facebook groups are simply the new study hall for the wired generation.

But you can interact with a system using touch and gestures on a tabletop rather than keyboard and clicks. Microsoft’s new Surface Technology is coming to Harrah’s Rio Casino in Las Vegas this Spring.

You can also control your iPod with your eyelids now.

Bat an eyelid to replay your favorite iPod tune with a new Japanese remote control that works in the blink of an eye. When a user winks, movement in their skin is detected by sensors clipped to their glasses or headphones…

You can get high-tech from vending machines now. Doug Amath stuck at Dallas Airport ended up taking pictures of vending machines for iPods, Sony, Proactiv and Rent-a-Laptop that dot the airport terminal. We have come a long way from the soda and the chips….

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