Peter Drucker on Managing Enterprise 2.0

As organizations hurtle through the accelerating pace of change and try to find their place on the table, it is refreshing to go back to basics and find clarity and direction. The changes in technology broadly referred to as ‘Web 2.0’ are here to stay and have caused stodgy enterprises to take notice – to reinvent themselves as ‘Enterprise 2.0’. Lost in the technology or people focused debate are the basic time-tested management principles best articulated by Peter Drucker.

According to Drucker, the purpose of an organization is to enable ordinary human beings to do extraordinary things. Also, organizations need to give ‘knowledge workers’ control over their work and environment, allowing teams to work towards broad business objectives instead of prescriptive plans.

If you think about it organizations conforming to Drucker’s vision will by definition be ‘Enterprise 2.0’. Technology, processes and organization structures are all components for the roadmap to get to that milestone.

Greg Lloyd (@roundtrip) has a terrific take on this debate. He declares himself a Strict Druckerian as opposed to the Technarian and the Proletarian.

I think we are all Druckerians if we stop and think about it.