Enterprise Technology: The Last Domino to Fall?

Where did Social Media come from? And where did Big Data come from?

First, technology started advancing faster than human capacity to absorb and exploit it. dominoesNext, consumer and personal technology has been able to make an impact at a much faster rate than enterprise technology leading to the social digitization revolution. All our social interactions are now digital. Third, technology led automation of devices has led to a plethora of data being generated leading in turn to the age of Big Data – again defined fuzzily as any data too big to be managed by current infrastructure. And finally, Fourth, Enterprises are stuck today trying to cope with the changes mentioned above.

In this situation of technology driven environmental changes, what are the main enterprise initiatives that matter. What is the enterprise response? Not surprisingly, enterprise responses are driven by the buzzwords that rise and fall in the media and trade publications. We have had our share of revolutions – social, mobile, cloud and big data. Each and every enterprise strategy has to hook into one or more of these buzzwords – whether directly or in a contrived fashion.

Reacting to these individual trends with point solutions has been the most common strategy so far; but there is a clear realization that the forces of change are pushing deeper into the traditional enterprise. Well established processes and systems at the core of the enterprise are not able to integrate well with the rapid transformation at the periphery.

The cause-effect chain that can be established is the following. Rapid Technology Changes> Social Digitization > Consumer Technology> Big Data> Enterprise Technology Transformation.

Enterprise IT in its current state is the last domino to fall.


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