Author: Gagan

Tweets on 2009-09-20

Physics to ponder. RT @MatthewEGreen: If you're in a vehicle traveling at speed of light, what happens when you turn the headlights on? # Making sense of the box from outside the box. RT @jhagel: Experiencing the absurd is good…

Rethinking Business Processes

Incremental workflow improvements in the guise of process management are ineffective unless they rest on solid business processes built after asking, “Does this add value to the customer?”

Dirty Little Secret of Business Rules?

IT can develop and procure Web Services that enable individual business processes – and provide ‘switches’ to configure the process and its interaction with other processes. The Business Rules Engine that brings the full value chain together is then the ultimate responsibility for business domain experts within the business.

No matter how dirty, techie, complex or ridiculous the Business Rules Engine is, the business needs to know where the switches are and how to drive. Can the business visualize a Ferrari dashboard or is a Model-T ‘dashboard’ sufficient?

Automating Higher Education ‘Factory’

You can learn to speak any language you wish on a tape/CD/Computer; Pilots can learn to fly planes using computer simulators; and you can google for any piece of information that you care about on the Internet. So, why do we need Professors for delivery of classes? Let them design new computer courses. They can even design feedback mechanisms into the delivery so that students can provide input for the course to self-correct. Professors can then be free to do original research and expand the frontiers of knowledge.

Machines have taken over the campus. Are you sure your Professor is human?

Video Games- Beating the Economy

Earlier this year, I discovered that the Gaming industry is well on its way towards overtaking the Movies business. Video Games are almost 75% the size of the Movies Business! And growing at close to 50% per annum!!……Admittedly, the show…

Controlling the Corporate Message? The PR Tight-Rope Walk

The wall between ‘internal’ communications and ‘corporate’ (external) communications is being chipped away. Why spend resources on shoring up the wall and in crafting the pristine external message? Some of those resources are better spent in creating one consistent message for everyone. Employees are the best brand ambassadors besides being customers too.

Reducing Complexity to Manage Better

Emma Stewart writes today in a Harvard Business Publishing blog about the futility of Scenario Planning exercises, saying that .. if you want to avoid fixes that fail and move towards sustainability in today’s complex operating environment, I invite you…

Business Processes and CRM Systems

Ann All is pointing out the convergence between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Business Process Management (BPM). She writes Too often CRM is a disjointed mishmash of departmental or divisional activities. CRM touches a number of enterprise systems, including…