Author: Gagan

Thoughts during week of 10-23-2018

“Managing a Data Science Team” is the same as managing any other effective team. But we are still writing about it.… -> Cell-sized “Robots”? Coming soon. #Robots #Future ->

Thoughts during week of 09-25-2018

How will parallel universes collaborate? Quantum Computing? #QuantumComputing #Future -> Getting AI to Hospital ICU’s — Silico Trials and Hardware-in-the-loop Testing. #AI #MachineLearning and Regulatio… ->

Thoughts during week of 08-21-2018

Hyper-personalized coffee delivered when ‘the machine’ feels you need it. (It knows what’s best for you, of course… -> For curious minds > We’re Almost Able to Cool Antimatter. Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal. #Future ->