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Why won’t Dilbert Retweet?

One of the abiding tenets of ‘Social Business’ has been the use of employees to spread the company’s marketing message. This is the problem of employee advocacy where the first order thinking is the following. …. if your company prospers…

Stop Listening to your Customers?

Asking customers what they want cannot be taken too literally. Steve Martin writes on HBR Blog So when it comes to getting to the heart of what actually drives decisions and behaviors, a message emerges that at first glance appears…

Dirty Little Secret of Business Rules?

IT can develop and procure Web Services that enable individual business processes – and provide ‘switches’ to configure the process and its interaction with other processes. The Business Rules Engine that brings the full value chain together is then the ultimate responsibility for business domain experts within the business.

No matter how dirty, techie, complex or ridiculous the Business Rules Engine is, the business needs to know where the switches are and how to drive. Can the business visualize a Ferrari dashboard or is a Model-T ‘dashboard’ sufficient?

Automating Higher Education ‘Factory’

You can learn to speak any language you wish on a tape/CD/Computer; Pilots can learn to fly planes using computer simulators; and you can google for any piece of information that you care about on the Internet. So, why do we need Professors for delivery of classes? Let them design new computer courses. They can even design feedback mechanisms into the delivery so that students can provide input for the course to self-correct. Professors can then be free to do original research and expand the frontiers of knowledge.

Machines have taken over the campus. Are you sure your Professor is human?

Gamers make the Best Employees

Brent Hutchison John Seely Brown and Douglas Thomas recently wrote on a Harvard Business Review blog about the Gamer Disposition – an attitude and set of traits that are ideal for today’s employees. He writes that Today’s multiplayer online games are large, complex,…

The New Heroes -The Adaptables

‘Being adaptable’ is one of those backhanded compliments. It can have negative connotations associated with being wishy-washy, spineless, impressionable, naive, crafty, calculating, opportunistic and similar. Despite this the history of civilizations is full of examples where adaptation was critical for…