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Thoughts during week of 11-06-2018

RT @juliebhunt: Yuh huh – 'cause everyone has the same job & works the same way… (oh, and — email is dead…) ūüėČ -> The office of the future? No desks, no chairs. #FutureOfWork #RoadWarrior -> The pi-clock…

Thoughts during week of 10-23-2018

‚ÄúManaging a Data Science Team‚ÄĚ is the same as managing any other effective team. But we are still writing about it.‚Ķ -> Cell-sized ‚ÄúRobots‚ÄĚ? Coming soon. #Robots #Future ->

Thoughts during week of 09-25-2018

How will parallel universes collaborate? Quantum Computing? #QuantumComputing #Future -> Getting AI to Hospital ICU‚Äôs ‚ÄĒ Silico Trials and Hardware-in-the-loop Testing. #AI #MachineLearning and Regulatio‚Ķ ->