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Thoughts during week of 08-21-2018

Hyper-personalized coffee delivered when ‘the machine’ feels you need it. (It knows what’s best for you, of course… -> For curious minds > We’re Almost Able to Cool Antimatter. Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal. #Future ->

Thoughts during week of 08-07-2018

Finally. No buzzwords. Or almost none. Practical business views on advanced #analytics. Sign up now! For free str… -> Doesn’t compute. Physical book sales seem to be growing in the age of ubiquitous kindles, shrinking public librarie… ->…

Thoughts during week of 07-17-2018

The peculiar math that could underly the laws of nature << Octonion #math for curious minds. -> Analytical Models are #knowledge assets and need #IP protection for the next ecosystem evolution where #AI collabor… -> Pushing the envelope…