Tweets on 2009-10-02

  • @CathyWebSavvyPR Thanks for the pointers. Looking forward to Pod Camp Philly. in reply to CathyWebSavvyPR #
  • RT @JimSinur: When is "better" best? >>Agree #BPM allows biz process 'evolution', but need parallel Biz Rules Mgt. #
  • @podcampphilly Do you have an official hash tag? I've seen a couple of versions floating around. #
  • See you here! RT @podcampphilly: PodCamp Philly is tomorrow! Great speakers & sessions. Perfect for digital media users. #
  • Good! Big Blue bridging Enterprise & Consumer Tech. RT @rww: IBM Launches iNotes, a Gmail Competitor for Business #
  • RT @etravelproject @AddToAny: Inoqo: Travel biz based on twttr? >>OK for mktg, but intgn w/ backend is not twttr! #
  • RT @DeanLetfus: Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go #
  • If you happened to bang your hotel room door, would you like colored light bubbles floating down? (@psfk) #travel #

Tweets on 2009-10-01

Tweets on 2009-09-30

  • Way to go! RT @techmama: @redneckmommy Yes, I did just yank the cork out of a wine bottle w/ my teeth. No, I dont plan on using a glass. #
  • Good discussion going on at @cioonline dinner on datacenter mgt > outsourcing, cloud, security, virutalization and the good old biz ROI. #
  • Off to a CIO dinner in Phillly – talk about Data Center strategies. #
  • Brands need to be 'social' on all channels. RT @iMWConnect: Whoops, J Crew, your personal shopper is "socially MIA" #
  • Checkout great twitterMinutes from @denschaal at #orbitzblog – Blogger day at @Orbitz. #
  • @mattsingley @scobleizer I know quite a few geeks and none uses Nokia, but then you get into defining geeks -always dangerous. 🙂 in reply to mattsingley #
  • @DavidLinthicum Congrats on the book! Look fwd to reviewing soon. Have been a fan since the client/server days. in reply to DavidLinthicum #
  • @JimSinur Yes, everyone seems to be a #BPM provider today. Quite a few are relabeling their enterprise products to fit the trend. in reply to JimSinur #
  • Game changer. Enterprise software in the #Cloud. RT @SavioRodrigues: WebSphere pay by the drink on Amazon EC2 #
  • Any secret sauce? 3 airlines closed trying to do this. RT @kevinlukemay: London-JFK marks new tech drive for BA #

Tweets on 2009-09-29

  • Remember mobile is kiosk of the future. It Helps. RT @tomtravel2: "9 Good Things About Air Travel " #travel #
  • 73 point 3 percent of the statistics are actually correct. RT @DeanLetfus: 42 point 7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot #
  • .@cspenn: Looking forward to PodCamp Philly THIS weekend. #pcphl #
  • RT @mattsingley: @joymark: @mattsingley What's CNN? // haha! Something our parents watch 😉 #
  • Sacrilege! Though they did get squeezed b/w Peets & McD. RT @JeffreyJDavis: Starbucks rolls out Via instant coffee #
  • Heh. RT @jkendrick: How not to get a tip: Me: "what is the soup du jour?" Waiter (snarling): "soup of the day". #
  • Actually, humans aka biz users are now in control. RT @billybush_net: Beware, Humans. Automation Software Has Begun. #cio #
  • Visualizing the Concept is key for a gr8 Design. RT @diego_s: A Great Design Starts with a Great Concept via @rtkd #
  • Too many changes too often disrupts core setup. Refresh only if its not working. RT @rogersaner: How often do you refresh your #GTD system? #

Tweets on 2009-09-28

  • All aboard the AI train! RT @drnatalie: #customerservice requires solving problems; a KM process for customer- think like a human #SCRM #
  • Never mind privacy. Add checks to fin tranx beyond last 4 ssn. RT @Gartner_inc: Forget Privacy, It's An illusion #
  • Hmm. Back to farming (virtually). RT @cdixon: The new economy, step by step #
  • RT @vwadhwa: Silicon Valley was NOT built with Govt dollars or support. It was built Despite Govt. #
  • If Web2 still a challenge, whither Semantic Web? RT @dhinchcliffe: Moving software architecture into 21st century #
  • Kayak v Amazon, etc. Designing online search tools to sort thru thousands of choices. RT @rogerdooley: #travel #
  • Heads up. The perfect social media is where your customers are, not where the cool mktg guys are. ttp:// #

Tweets on 2009-09-27

  • Bingo! RT @cdixon: I'd rather see an open protocol win, but Twitter w/ RT'ing etc is just much better than RSS for finding good blogs. #
  • I believe Mindmaps impose organization for the too creative, and inspire creativity for the too organized. #
  • Quality matters more than Quantity. RT @cdixon: Why Nextag's revenue is similar to Facebook's despite fewer users #
  • Go Moms! RT @techmama @mashable Working Moms Mobile Power Users in U.S. (TechMama reads Mashable on her SMARTPHONE!) #
  • Move over, Cloud! The Mist is here. RT @twailgum: "The Newest Tech Buzzword: The Mist!" #cloud #CIO #