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  • @osoares Thanks for the FF mention! in reply to osoares #
  • You can see it that way. British Airways Advance Seat Selection is a "fly next to your children" fee. #travel #
  • Being ready for broken strings- Pride in a job well done & being responsible for your play. (via @mashable) #
  • That's Funny. RT @jhagel: @chumulu Most exciting phrase in science that heralds new discoveries is not 'Eureka!' but "That's funny.."-Asimov #
  • RT @billybush_net: 9 Items Every Consulting Agreement Should Include > Good list. Shud include Escalation & Dispute Mgt. #
  • RT @badbanana: The term 'freelance' comes from a time when knights would joust for free hoping to win web dev projects. #twitterpedia < Heh. #
  • Ownership fuzzy tday w/ Judges shutting yr GMail. RT @jpmorgenthal: @toddbiske: I dont wnt 2 pay 2 download my own content 2 my own device #
  • 'Business Systems' is even better. Tech isn't core. RT @CIOonline: You Say IT, Forrester Says BT. (@TWailgum) #
  • Barcodes to the rescue? Promising. RT @JeffreyJDavis: What Keeps Brands From #Mobile Coupons? (infrastructure) #
  • Working on elevator speech today putting #bpm #brms #cep #soa together with Decision Managment. Need more coffee. #
  • RT @Douglas_Quinby: Congrats to Tnooz on launch today. <Ditto! (When can we expect a twttr feed?) #

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  • Creativity happens when mind is like water. RT @PaulMracek: 5 Reasons Why GTD And Creativity Can Mix Together. #
  • RT @aboutferguson: Is anyone operating their entire #GTD system within online Google applications?< Tried, but ran into mobile limitations. #
  • Smokers' Fav Airline! RT @TWtravelnews: Nicotine for nine bucks on Ryanair — smokeless cigs sold onboard #travel #
  • TwitterMinutes from @drnatalie on zappos visit were gr8. Reminded me of super work by our own @susantravels & @travelsocial at #tdsusa #
  • RT @cdixon: i asked my cab driver today about atlantic yards. turns out he's a lifetime brooklynite and retired economist. #economics #
  • The Looking Glass- Social Media Monitoring from Microsoft. Sounds like msft is positioning for small & medium biz. #
  • Biz Rules (&Decisions) have the most value-add -QED. (Via @erniehuber) RT @JimSinur: Want to vote on a new King? #BPM #
  • .@Mark_Mulligan Media cos. need to revamp biz model, but in context of mature & emerging tech. Prodn, distribn & mgt- all need tech. in reply to Mark_Mulligan #
  • Can't dismiss tech yet! RT @forrester: Media cos. can’t rely on tech cos. for product innovation (@jsymons) #
  • Still remember trip to Bar Harbor, Maine. No McD's or box stores. (Via @psfk- Where to Escape McDonalds #marketing #

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  • No need to abandon Milton Friedman for Keynes yet. Economics works if policy makers pay attention. #economics #
  • @MichaelDeutch Yes, nice friendly nudge to go hit Google and bone up on Concept Maps. Learnt a lot. Thanks! in reply to MichaelDeutch #
  • The much-hyped higher clickthroughs on mobile ads a bust? RT @eadsd: Not your mama's monetization #mcommerce #
  • Was set straight by @MichaelDeutch on Concept Map (multi-relationships) v #MindMap (1 central topic)- #
  • Marketing headache just increased. SEO Extortion? RT @andybeal: Seth Godin Tries Out Brandjacking – by @LisaBarone #
  • Heh. RT @Jakewk: Started article on how RT web fuels hyperconnectedness but decided to check twitter instead. #
  • Innovation Strategy is good. RT @googletravel: Google Innovation=Insight Foresight +Business ecosystems +Infrastructure. #thinktravel #
  • A structured process cannot guarantee innovation. RT @IBMResearch: How global processes can stifle innovation. #
  • But these are OLD basics. Execution is new. RT @CherryKam: New Basics: Relevance, Precision, Deeper Connections, Innovation #ThinkTravel #
  • RT @googletravel: #thinktravel Bonita Stewart: Focus your biz on 4 areas: relevance, precision, deeper connections, and innovation. #
  • And that's how corp IT gets innovated! RT @shintz: "fansumerism" = employees bring personal products to workplace #beatlive #cio #
  • For all #mindmap dabblers & experts out there. RT @jkendrick: Mindmapping in digital ink, a screencast. #

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