Getting Things Done with Blackberry

I have been a fan of Getting Things Done philosophy for personal (and organizational?) productivity for a long time. Perfecting the system for my own use took almost a year…but I was able to stay on track despite falling off the wagon a few times for short periods. Now, I am glad to be on the GTD bus for more than two years.

As I shifted from my HPCompaq PPC handheld to a new Blackberry, I was disappointed with the tool sets available on the BB. Then I ran into a nice article on implementing GTD using Blackberry…experimented a little bit…and came up with my own implementation, using BB exclusively for GTD. No other tools needed! Will write about that sometime soon…

Fuzzy Logic Systems are Evolved Structures

One could argue that fuzzy logic systems…that learn through their own ‘experience’ do not have a structure…

Look carefully and you realize that the difference lies in composition vs behavior. These systems are composed of elements based on well thought out architecture and structure; but at the same time their intended behavior is to evolve without pre-defined structure.

So there is underlying architecture masked so effectively that you could believe that it does not exist….sounds like a perfect definition of architecture, doesn’t it?

The Whiteboard Sketch

I am constantly amazed at how powerful the simple act of reaching for a white board marker is. When I see someone flip over the cocktail napkin and reach for a pen, I feel the same anticipation…here is a new idea and a brain dump on its way, more powerful in presentation, more focussed and therefore more persuasive….all because there is a ’structure’ to it, there is a framework to the sketches and all components of the idea are organized clearly relative to each other.

Architecture in the making, I say.

HBSi gaining momentum with distribution of hotel inventory

Just ran across an interesting news item that I missed last November. Good, old HBSi finally snagged US Airways Vacations to distribute hotels from HBSi network.

Even though most tour operators like GoGo, Travel Impressions and Funjet participate for distribution….and connectivity to all GDS’s is in the works, I am curious about the relative scarcity of Hotel Suppliers in the fold. Maybe, the fact is that all hotels are owned by a handful of companies, and it is futile looking for a big list! One could argue that Synxis provides a respectable feed for inventory…and Hyatt, ICH, Harrah’s and Wyndham are no small change either. Sandals provides the ‘resort’ flavor that can only grow this point on.

This one bears watching…