HBSi gaining momentum with distribution of hotel inventory

Just ran across an interesting news item that I missed last November. Good, old HBSi finally snagged US Airways Vacations to distribute hotels from HBSi network.

Even though most tour operators like GoGo, Travel Impressions and Funjet participate for distribution….and connectivity to all GDS’s is in the works, I am curious about the relative scarcity of Hotel Suppliers in the fold. Maybe, the fact is that all hotels are owned by a handful of companies, and it is futile looking for a big list! One could argue that Synxis provides a respectable feed for inventory…and Hyatt, ICH, Harrah’s and Wyndham are no small change either. Sandals provides the ‘resort’ flavor that can only grow this point on.

This one bears watching… 

Expedia on SOA Bandwagon?

Looks like Expedia is maturing its SOA (Services-Oriented Architecture) strategy. Its recent purchase of an Enterprise Services Bus shows that it has continuing plans to componentize its architecture and use the SOA strategy to scale its technology and its business.

Using this (new) architecture demonstrates good intentions and strategic thinking, but only time will tell if this will take Expedia places that it wants to go…vacation packaging and corporate travel, by the latest reckoning.

Worldspan continues to rationalize murky airline ‘fare-rules’

In the recent excitement with Worldspan’s acquisition by Travelport (remember Cendant/Galileo?), a major technology improvement made by Worldspan did not get enough attention. Worldspan has integrated the SITA Automated Rules into its system and eliminated manual loading of rules data from 100+ airlines. This is just another step in making things easier for customers in managing Airline Ticket Changes. Worldspan has already integrated fare and rule data from ATPCO’s Voluntary Changes, Voluntary Cancels, Net Fares, Private Fares and Fare-by-Rule categories. This has made Worldspan the technology leader in the airline ticket repricing process and web-based negotiated fares management process.

I am glad that some one is thinking one step ahead and bringing order to the unnecessarily complex, twilight zone of  fare-rules management. Here is wishing more power to Worldspan in this crusade!

Technology Trends for a baseline

Three distinct but inter-twined trends permeate any modern industry today, including travel business.

First, connectivity in an interconnected world is central to all discussions in the travel business, followed closely by a debate on user interfaces designed to get products to consumers in obvious and user-friendly ways.

Second, data mining for business-intelligence and for customer-relationship management has been offered as a permanent solution to all problems. Actual implementations seem to be more complex and disjointed than you would expect.

Finally, more attention is being paid to ‘back of the house’ operations – the logistics of making an enterprise work. Discussions on business process optimization, automation and outsourcing are key drivers here. Very little attention is being paid to metrics – putting all relevant measures of success on a dashboard, set targets and then manage against them.

Successful enterprises today have taken all of these trends into account, and are building a future that capitalizes on the most efficient architecture.