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Effectiveness: Decision Management for CEOs/CFOs

Decision modeling adds explicit effectiveness metrics to the more generally accepted efficiency metrics generated by business process modeling, giving the full picture to the Executive Suite. Process efficiency measures throughput, costs, error-rates and similar, while process effectiveness measures whether the…

Decisions and Processes

Do you step through a process as you try to achieve your goals? Or do you make a series of inter-related decisions in getting to the goal? Your answer will determine your approach to optimizing your activities as you navigate…

Dirty Little Secret of Business Rules?

IT can develop and procure Web Services that enable individual business processes – and provide ‘switches’ to configure the process and its interaction with other processes. The Business Rules Engine that brings the full value chain together is then the ultimate responsibility for business domain experts within the business.

No matter how dirty, techie, complex or ridiculous the Business Rules Engine is, the business needs to know where the switches are and how to drive. Can the business visualize a Ferrari dashboard or is a Model-T ‘dashboard’ sufficient?