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Controlling the Corporate Message? The PR Tight-Rope Walk

The wall between ‘internal’ communications and ‘corporate’ (external) communications is being chipped away. Why spend resources on shoring up the wall and in crafting the pristine external message? Some of those resources are better spent in creating one consistent message for everyone. Employees are the best brand ambassadors besides being customers too.

Tales from Two Worlds – On the Same Planet

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) holds back a passenger carrying the new MacBook Air laptop….not able to believe that it has ‘no hard-drive’. A Freshman trying to use Facebook for homework study group is facing expulsion. All these students are scared…

Learning from History

The Economist has a story on why Japan lost the mobile-phone wars to Scandinavia, Korea and others despite having been a pioneer in technology and usage of mobile devices. Japanese players are doing alright within Japan and still provide high-value components…