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Thoughts during week of 09-12-2017

From onboarding to hive mind, Merriam-Webster adds more than 250 words to online dictionary << More past #Future https://t.co/ReJDsG15pK -> Mathematicians Measure Infinities, Find They’re Equal << Solving #Math conundrums. For curious minds. https://t.co/jAYVNP0xH1 -> Flip-Flop Qubit Could Make Silicon…

Thoughts during week of 09-05-2017

Maritime insurance industry implements blockchain technology << #BlockChain for #CIO to consider https://t.co/FkTkgUTK7I -> MIT Invented A New Kind Of Robot Memory << Contextual Memory for #AI https://t.co/H6q5WOjYDe -> Why Google’s AI Can Write Beautiful Songs but Still Can’t Tell…

Thoughts during week of 08-22-2017

Sine o' the Times: Babylonian Tablet Holds Oldest Evidence of Trigonometry << #Math https://t.co/3hLZBVSJt4 -> Automation and Jobs: the tide turns << @dealarchitect is not concerned about Machine takeover. #MachineLearning https://t.co/JAhZoJMXX3 ->

Thoughts during week of 08-08-2017

Why Morningstar Moved to the Cloud: 97% Cost Reduction << "Focus on #Innovation not plumbing" #CIO https://t.co/DJcdWI6Yrs -> Machine Learning Is Helping Crack Our Neural Code << #Neuroscience and #MachineLearning for curious minds. https://t.co/t15CSUSh3K -> Computer science tops Indeed’s list of…

Thoughts during week of 07-25-2017

Callsign – Artificial Intelligence for Authentication << More uses for #AI – #security now. https://t.co/QELW9VaF5I -> How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact The Insurance Industry << #AI on a roll https://t.co/c0pKNkZikA ->

Thoughts during week of 07-18-2017

MIT's AI deduces ingredients and recipes from food photos << Smart #AI chef uses #algorithms https://t.co/oujlkfOut2 -> Someday You Could Swallow a Wireless Robot Like A Pill << Quite tasty, y'know? But serious battery-less #Robots https://t.co/Vb2k5hAWhX -> "Empowering" robots could…

Thoughts during week of 07-11-2017

First Object Teleported from Earth to Orbit << #StarTrek #Future 'Beam me up, Scotty' https://t.co/KBLlzV1xZb -> RT @jamet123: IBM Champion Spotlight: James Taylor https://t.co/lQxJnK6zOW @ibmchampions #decisionmgt ->

Thoughts during week of 07-04-2017

The Machines Are Getting Ready to Play Doctor, @AndrewYNg << #ManMachine #Algorithms https://t.co/aaFjkAJg5m -> RT @jamet123: @decisionmgt Named 2017 Hot Vendor for Digital Business Platforms by @AragonResearch1 https://t.co/rROu9DlmA5 #decisionmgt ht… -> Could CRISPR Sniff Out Viruses? << Pushing the frontier…

Thoughts during week of 06-20-2017

Amazon Just Patented A Drone Skyscraper << #Design for near #Future https://t.co/dYnG4yA1dV -> The Master Algorithm << The quest for the ultimate Learning Machine. #MachineLearning #Singularity https://t.co/nEqOLTrjji ->